In today’s day and age, the significance and the role that entrepreneurship plays in our society has widely been recognized. The importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset is immense and those who possess entrepreneurial skills find themselves punching above their weights in today’s demanding world. The question is, how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Entrepreneurship is no longer simply related to business, but it has turned itself into a life skill to be inculcated in young children and teenagers. Entrepreneurship not only helps in developing shrewd mindsets but also promotes positive life skills, innovation, and obviously profit. 

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Entrepreneurship education is gaining rapid momentum in schools as it caters to bring in a positive influence on employment opportunities and economic growth. Therefore, the need for an entrepreneurial mindset in teens has become very crucial and fundamental. 

What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Our viewpoint of ourselves and our surroundings shapes our dreams. In today’s modern society, employment opportunities are flexible and challenging, everything is constantly evolving, which demands our youth to possess a well-equipped skillset to recognize opportunities, take on challenges, and put forward their innovations. 

An entrepreneurial mindset is fluid artistry comprising skills, which allow people to make the most of the opportunities, conquer disappointments and succeed in unfamiliar settings and environments. It is not only vital for new businesses but is also valued by employers and boosts educational performance. 

Below is a chart that highlights the level of entrepreneurial mindset characteristics in the SME sector – 


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Entrepreneurial Mindset for Teens 

Entrepreneurial education is an asset for children and teens. It should be inculcated in the student curriculum from an early age and progressing through all levels of education. This ensures a lifelong learning process for students. 

“Children already think like entrepreneurs – when you provide them with a tool or toy and don’t tell them how to use it, the ingenuity and creativity of how they use it is striking,” said Anna Burrell, founder, and CEO of Twiggs & Co., a small business consultancy firm.

“Children do this intuitively when they are super young, but when they get to the age of 6 or 7, like my child, they’ll say things like, ‘Oh, I’m stupid,’” said Catie Harris, founder of NursePreneurs.

Parents and educational institutions have to share the responsibility and workload of creating an entrepreneurial mindset in teenagers. 

To make parents’ lives easier, Moonshot Jr has come up with Moonpreneur, a fantastic fun-learning and modern-day business strategy board game which portrays a simulation of real-life, new-age business environments. Challenge your abilities to know whether you have entrepreneurial instinct and vision. Enjoy hours of gameplay and engaging family time with Moonpreneur. 

The Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Can a teenager be an entrepreneur? The answer is an absolute yes. 

Teenage entrepreneurs who boast of an entrepreneurial skillset thrive more in both personal and professional life. Various skills such as resilience, self-dependency, confidence, and enthusiasm lead to a dosage of happiness at work and at home. 

Let’s further delve into the subject – what is an entrepreneurial mindset and what does it have to offer? With an entrepreneurial mindset, one is more likely to take up challenges and opportunities and not be afraid of taking risks whenever required. Understanding your own persona and belief system and being able to present it, as well as listen to the opinion of others leaves an impression on colleagues. It is an important trait that comes with having an entrepreneurial mindset. 


Enthusiasm is another trait that leads to more social interaction and doesn’t allow one to feel disappointed very quickly. It can help create more opportunities and build healthy relationships in the workplace.

Overall, with an entrepreneurial mindset, teenagers can turn even the bleakest of situations into positive ones with the ingrained ability to look for a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Entrepreneurs are not superheroes with special powers; they’re just ordinary people who were so passionate about seeing something new in the world that they couldn’t wait any longer for it to be created – they had to take action themselves,” said Rob Kingyens, founder and CEO of Yellowbrick, which partners with universities and media companies to create online courses around “passion industries like fashion, music, and sneaker trade.

If a teenager is passionate and curious enough, he will somehow manage to find his own path. That’s entrepreneurialism in a nutshell. 

How Do I Raise an Entrepreneurial Teenager?

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in teenagers is an immense task but certainly achievable. 

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