Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Well, they’re simply too cool. I know the kids agree with me. Robots make light work of the most complex of tasks and don’t we all deserve a little bit of rest? 

From the scrupulous robots in the manufacturing line carrying out monotonous tasks to the ones collecting data on Mars, all robots are equally engrossing. They even make great movie characters and are loved and admired by kids all over the globe. 

There were 12 million robotic units worldwide in 2020. Between 2020 and 2022, there would be a 12% increase in shipments of robots worldwide. 88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure. These fascinating robotics industry statistics show that robotics is at an all-time high.



I am pretty sure that most kids have a favorite Robot character or one that they’ve created in their imaginative minds. But hey, what about building your own robot? Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Most kids do not get ample opportunities to learn robotics in school. Having said that, it is a subject that is gaining tremendous amounts of recognition and educational institutions are now willing to inculcate robotics in their curriculum.


Source- Statista

If you’re going to take up your own Robotics project, it is important to make the right choice. Robotics assists kids in developing creativity, logical thinking, and curiosity.

A robotics project to start out with should be complex enough to provide a good hands-on learning experience as well as easy enough so that kids don’t lose their confidence and miss the fun element of making it. Kids should feel like the robot is their brainchild.

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